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Why CRMs are Great for Marketing Automation and Managing Electronic Direct Mails

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Marketing automation and electronic documentation systems can be linked to a CRM, providing easy access and a more streamlined process where everything is in one place. CRMs vs Marketing Automations Customer relationship management and marketing automation may seem identical at face value; however, they serve different purposes. The difference between a CRM and marketing automation […]

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What are your 8 Brand Storylines? 

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I often hear the idea that a brand is defined by what people say about you. While I agree that perception, consistency and people define a brand, have your ever considered how these 3 element can impact your brand based on your customer’s source of knowledge. As business storyteller Shawn Callahan, author of the newly […]

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Why isn’t “Digital Marketing” Marketing?

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In October last year (2015), PepsiCo’s Brad Jakeman, who is president of the company’s global beverage group made a statement that sparked heated debate in marketing circles globally. His statement “there is no such thing as digital marketing. There is marketing — most of which happens to be digital” blew up social media and marketing […]

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68% of Your Customers Are Leaving, and I Know Why!!!

If 68% of customers leave because “they think you don’t care about them”, then why don’t we put more effort into caring. Have we forgotten how to make personal connections or are we so institutionalised by the desire to “BE PROFESSIONAL” that we forget we are dealing with real people, and at the heart of […]

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Are you ready to ROCK your brand and marketing strategy?

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BRANDiT is now ready to ROCK you! As someone who has passionately worked in branding, marketing and communications for over 16 years I dreamed of the day I would leave the corporate world to start my own rebranding and marketing business. With the launch of my BRANDiT website, that day has finally come to fruition […]

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