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Astrowave, previously known as Team Accelerate, is a leader in business and HR software that empowers organisations to work more efficiently. With a combination of advanced technology and expertise from HR and Employment Law professionals Astrowave is committed to helping businesses worldwide succeed in managing both their operations and workforce. Recently, with the help of BRANDiT, Astrowave was completely rebranded from Team Accelerate. Our team was responsible for all stages of the rebrand from name selection through to the development of an entirely new logo suite, brand book and website!


  • Full Rebrand 

  • Logo Creation

  • Brand Element Creation

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Development

  • Content Creation

  • Stationery

Astrowave Brand Guidlines


We were thrilled to be responsible for the Team Accelerate rebranding project. To do so, we conducted extensive research on the market, their target audience and their competition. We then worked to develop a brand that would differentiate Team Accelerate from their competitors and reflect their vision for the future of HR and business management. Here Astrowave was born! We recommended a new brand name, a minimalistic logo and provided brand guidelines, all which represent the brand’s forward thinking approach.

Astrowave business
Astrowave logo icon
BRANDiT Project 1.7


We were also responsible for the website development for Astrowave, where we were excited to create a modern, user friendly site that accurately reflects their brand identity and values. We designed a new website that features a clean, minimalistic layout, modern graphics and easy to navigate pages. The new site highlights Astrowave’s advanced HR and business solutions and showcases their expertise in the industry!
BRANDiT Project 1.7
BRANDiT Project agreement

graphic design & stationery

BRANDiT also worked to bring the Astrowave brand identity to life with exciting and creative visual elements. The comprehensive brand book that we created guided our design work on stationery like letterheads which feature the new logo and brand elements. In addition, we also created brand extensions including over 70 branded astronauts, each with their own unique look and personality. These elements are crucial for extending the Astrowave brand across various marketing materials.

Astrowave astronaut businessman with bag
Astrowave astronaut dabbing pose
Astrowave astronaut floating in space
Astrowave astronaut floating with moon
Astrowave astronaut flying with pencil rocket
Astrowave astronaut holding cute star
Astrowave astronaut holding love heart
Astrowave astronaut sitting on planet
Astrowave astronaut working on laptop