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Michelle Fragar

Michelle Fragar is a CMO level (Chief Marketing Officer) Marketer with 19 years’ experience, most at Senior / Executive level of Billion Dollar Multi-National business, namely BOSCH (Fortune 100) and Bradken (ASX200).

She is one of the top Brisbane and Gold Coast Consultants, bringing consultant level insights and branding expertise to all of BRANDiT’s Advertising campaigns for the benefit of our clients. Michelle hold Australia’s highest Marketing Accreditation, being a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and is also a member of the global CMO Council. She is committed to being at the forefront of Marketing Trends and Insights and does this through being a  Queensland Committee Member of the AMI.

Michelle especially likes Branding, helping ASX companies increase their share price through great Investor Relations and being a “FIXER” when she goes into business and helps then set up marketing processes, systems and teams to effectively achieve their growth goals.


Michelle established her career in Sydney, NSW from 1999 to 2003 intentionally changing industries with each career progression to expand her skillset and develop her craft. This lead to her role as Marketing Communications Manager for a Division of Fortune 100 company, BOSCH.
In 2003, Michelle moved to Newcastle, NSW to take on an opportunity at BRADKEN, where she worked for 9 years, 7 of them working with the Executive team as the head of the global marketing operations. Michelle was in integral part of the businesses successful globalisation strategy, working on M&A’s, rebranding and business assimilation programs.  She also managed the ASX Marketing responsibilities for the business.

Michelle started BRANDiT, a Branding and Marketing Consultancy in 2013 after her move to the Gold Coast, QLD.  Michelle is an active member of the QLD committed for the AMI, she is passionate about raising the level of professionalism in the industry, a starting point being bringing awareness to the CPM program.

Michelle has a strong affinity to brand development and its management, she is highly experienced in company rebrands having managed local and global rebrand as a result of acquisitions or company consolidations. If you’re thinking about rebranding, or are about to engage in a Merger or Acquisition, her expertise in small, medium and corporate acquisitions and rebrands will guide you through this rabbit’s warren.

As a Marketing Consultant, Michelle applies strategic thinking, business acumen and an overall understanding of how marketing impacts ever part of a business. She is passionate about helping businesses understand the impact their existing “Customer Experience” is having on their revenue. Michelle is an advocate for creating customer experiences that provide a competitive edge and a major impact on driving revenue.

Mentoring is the cornerstone of any business or marketing plan. Need proof, 71% of Fortune 500 companies have some type of mentoring program. Michelle has extensive experience providing mentoring, she thrives on helping business owners and marketing teams increase their knowledge and achieving business goals.

Michelle thinks about every element of a business, she is looking for not only marketing opportunities, she is looking for process improvements, staff mentoring and other avenues the business can achieve brand consistency and beneficial improvement that will lead to an exemplary customer experience, EVERYTIME. Protecting your business and securing your future.

Take advantage of Michelle’s experience and watch your business soar, call her on 0477 779 170 to discuss how she can help your company achieve your growth and marketing goals or contact her here.

Julie Cook

Julie Cook 

With over 20 years experience leading teams and training leaders, Julie has helped 1000’s of leaders grow their skills set to drive their business and team to profitability. Having created leaders in some of Australian Largest Companies, Julie is your Expert in all areas of Team Development.

As a Leadership Coach and Team Development Expert, Julie Cook has worked with leaders of small and large companies for a number of years and she knows every second counts, it can start with just 5 minutes each day using the right techniques which can make a huge impact on not only your team but the results, profits and engagement of your people. It all starts with a decision from a Leader just like YOU!


Julie has a passion for helping Leaders to grow to their full potential and create a team that not only increases profits, uses initiative and delights their customers but creates time and space for their leader to work on strategically growing their business for the future.

Julie and Michelle use their world class skill-set together to help business’ GROW, DEVELOP and SUCCEED! Find out how their unique approach to sales, marketing and leadership can help your business today. Book your “Free Discovery Chat” on [email protected] or call 1300 70 60 20.