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Symbio is an Australia-owned cleaning chemicals manufacturer, located in South East Queensland, that has been in operation since 1975. Over the years, Symbio has developed into a premium manufacturer and provider of high quality cleaning chemicals to a range of industries, including hospitality venues, educational facilities, food processing companies and many more.


As Symbio continued to grow, they reached out to BRANDiT in 2020 for marketing assistance to further help them develop. Together, we were able to assist them with a brand refresh. The refresh allowed them to reinforce their values, both internally and externally, gain new perspectives and highlight their position in the marketplace, and where they wanted to focus their business on. In 2022, BRANDiT is continuing to assist Symbio with their monthly marketing needs.


  • Brand Refresh 

  • Marketing Strategy / ThinkTank

  • Outsourced Marketing Department
  • Product Labelling
  • Video Creation

  • SEO & Blogging

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Development

  • CRM Set-up & Nurture Sequences

  • Tradeshow Stands
  • And much more!


A brand refresh is a critical movement in maintaining market relevance as your business grows and the market changes. It’s not just about staying relevant; it’s also about assessing your internal and external values, keeping up to date with market change, and about customer behaviour. But who doesn’t love a brand refresh? It’s like spring-cleaning!


With Symbio, we wanted to give them a clean look, to go with what they do best, cleaning chemicals. Wanting the brand to speak for itself rather than out their branding, we opted for a clean, professional and modern look, taking over what they have been for the past 50 years.

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Symbio Direct Cleaning Detergent Manufacturer
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Website creation

For Symbio to market their cleaning products to a range of different industries, the development of each sub-brands website was vital. Each different and utilised by various markets, from Hospitality to Healthcare, the websites were developed to be user-friendly, as well as visually appealing, to showcase the development of the Symbio brand. Integrated with Symbio’s Enterprise Resource Panning (ERP) system, or SAM, this allows for their products, safety data sheets and more to be easily accessed by the users of the websites.


In all things marketing, we believe consistency is key. From your website to your car wrap, your business cards to the boxes your products go in, the branding, elements and the messaging has to be consistent. Through all of Symbio’s brand elements, we have been consistent on all aspects, as consistency adds value by developing trust with customers, as well as brand recognition and brand identity. Together, we were able to create a range of brand elements that Symbio can use in their day-to-day operations, from the shirts each team member wears, the cars the sales reps drive, to the branded material they provide to customers.


Together, Symbio and BRANDiT worked together to create a range of tradeshow assets, from a 2×9 metre wall for the 2022 ISSA Expo, to a 2.4×2.4 metre wall for the 2022 School Business Manager Association Queensland Conference. Along with booth table and printing goods to present at the events; these assets were used to present Symbio’s company and brand as an industry leader to potential clients.