Why CRMs are Great for Marketing Automation and Managing Electronic Direct Mails

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Marketing automation and electronic documentation systems can be linked to a CRM, providing easy access and a more streamlined process where everything is in one place.

  • CRMs vs Marketing Automations

Customer relationship management and marketing automation may seem identical at face value; however, they serve different purposes. The difference between a CRM and marketing automation tool is the target market – CRM software is focused on sales and client relations, and marketing automation is marketing-focused, with a goal towards generating more business.

A CRM is a tool which manages the company’s interactions with existing or prospective clients. It is used for open communication, as well as to track completed jobs, payment history and more. Whereas, marketing automation allows companies to streamline, measure and automate their marketing strategies and workflow. Simply put, CRMs deal with sales of accepted leads and opportunities available and marketing automation deals with viable leads which are yet to sign up with you.

  • Direct Mailing

EDMs are email direct marketing systems, which are used to target clients with personalised marketing campaigns. Again, email marketing and EDMs sound identical – however email marketing is a broader term, whereas EDM is specifically more direct by sending emails with content that has been specifically created for the receiver.

EDMs are great for creating brand loyalty and converting interest into sales. They are a cost-effective, efficient and a quick way of mass-communicating with your target market. They’re easy to use and provide immediate exposure and promotion of your service.

  • Why CRMs are Great for Both

Using a CRM to compile data on your clients and cater personalised marketing campaigns to specific target markets is a great way to market yourself as well as keep track of clients, ROI, sales and future campaigns.

Using a CRM, you can keep track of the conversions of leads into sales. Using this information, you can calculate the ROI of your campaigns, enabling you to differentiate between successful or unsuccessful marketing strategies. Using a CRM also improves sales visibility. Here, you can track which prospects have opened your email, when, on which device, etc. This provides insight to your customer’s behaviour, providing future opportunities for targeted marketing.

Using a CRM for EDM and marketing automation means that all your information is in a single database which saves time and money. Storing client information such as their jobs, demographics, previous purchases and interactions allows you to cater personalised marketing campaigns based on the information that has been collected.