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Why a Font Could Increase Sales Immediately

A font, in our opinion is one of the most emotive brand elements you can use. WHAT??? We can hear a few of you say but stick with us. They have been saving for years “Content is King” well yes, it did takeover a while back when SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) proved it worth as a Marketing Channel and we all went SEO and Blog crazy. Having great content is no longer enough as visual presentation (and the Customer Experience) is needed to attract viewers and potential customers to the content. Your visual or brand elements build an external perception of your business, trying to create an emotional connection, a spark of trust, love or any positive feeling towards your business. We want them to be inspired, excited, motivated or challenged to take the desired action or in marketing terms, convert. We, BRANDiT, believe that fonts are the most under-utilised champion of brand creation.

Let me take you on a journey, look at each of these images and honestly ask yourself “HOW they make me feel?” Each is trying to hit a specific target market, what we find happens in 95% of small medium business marketing is that the “DOTCOM” example below becomes everyone’s idea of looking professional. Our question is, how do you stand out when you look the same as everyone else and they wizz straight by you. Most fonts are FREE or cost very little and could change the perceived value of your business overnight.

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The art of typography (the art of font creation and use) and importance of font choice has never been more prominent as web designers have become more analytic about their font choices. Fonts are not simply chosen for their looks alone but also for a variety of factors: the market they are trying to attract (age, gender, interests), type of products and services sold and the impression the company wants to give. Visual hierarchy is also another push factor for website designers to be more strategic about their font choice. The type of font used will naturally guide the viewer through the site and eventually reach a point where they are ready to make a purchase.

Another important factor to note here is that statistics show that viewers are more attracted to videos and pictures. Therefore, content needs to be brief, descriptive, engaging and especially visually attractive so that the viewer is able to get the main gist of the content before they leave the site. According to, 50% of browsers scroll through a page but majority of them only read 20% of the content before leaving the site. This makes the placement of headings and content as crucial to gaining their attention and keep them on the site. However, in cases where content needs to be long, the font needs to be easy to read and gentle on the eyes.  We love selecting the primary font as something unique to your brand architecture (brand style) that can be used as heading and in images / videos and then a passive, easily readable font for the body copy. Applying the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle once again.


There are even logo designs that just use typography alone. The font type, size, spacing and colours used need to reflect the objectives of the organisation and attract the market intended. The logos that can use typography alone must be self-explanatory but also not too long. As a logo represents a company, it should also use a font that portrays the essence of the company, for instance, an insurance provider may prefer a more professional look while a surfboard shop would prefer a more fun look. Finding the right font is not easy, hence some organisations leave it to professional designers to create their logo. All they provide is the main message they want the logo to convey and the feelings they wish for it to evoke and market targeted as well.

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