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Sustainability in Marketing | The Marketer’s Obligation

For years, sustainability and the role of Marketers in driving and evolving sustainable practices have been a ringing bell in my brain and business.

I recently had the honour of judging this year’s entrants in the Promoting Sustainability Category of Telstra’s Best of Business Awards.

I’m inspired and excited by the amazing Australian companies creating world-class sustainable solutions.

So, as marketers, what sustainable practices can we champion?

Sustainable Practices – Buy Local

This one is almost a no-brainer.  Buy local!

Australia’s import laws are incredibly soft on international businesses.

They open the doors to offshore operators who choose “process over people” and “money over sustainability”. Ethics are also booted out the door, replaced by greed and power.

We see social proof daily, but Australia’s consumers continue to buy from suppliers taking advantage of lax labour and sustainability legislation. This recent story on Temu’s use of forced labour is an eye-opener for all of us.


Sustainable Practices – Support Locally Made

Australia’s workforce and industries hold a wealth of depth and skill.

We have what we need onshore, so let’s stop selling our resources overseas and focus on seriously investing in more manufacturing.

How is it that ‘Australian Made’ isn’t a requirement of EVERY Australian Government contract?

The incentives given by Australia’s Federal Government to international companies are staggering.


Sustainable Practices – Government Support

These Telstra Small Business Entrant companies showed me they are mostly doing this alone.

It made me realise we need programs like the Entrepreneur and Growth Grants back.

But, let’s shake it up.

Instead of being managed by big companies, where corrupt and unethical practises are at risk of leaking in, why not charge smaller, independent groups with delivering these initiatives?

It removes the personal and company greed, and realigns objectives back to the community and grass-roots stakeholders.

We have such talent here.  Let’s not waste it.