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What are Google AdWords?

Google AdWords (and Meta Ads) are now the go-to’s for online marketing due to their numerous benefits, the main one, leading to higher conversion rates. A lot of businesses are now seeing the need for not just getting views on their sites but also getting viewers to get engaged and purchase their products. This is where the importance of high conversion rates comes in. Conversion rates give a percentage of viewers that engage in the particular action that businesses desire as a result of their marketing. Ultimately, higher conversion rates mean higher engagement and higher profits which is what every business owner wants right? The reason why AdWords have become so popular is 1) due to their pure market dominance and they continue to create products and opportunities to reach every target client and 2) their ever-expanding range of products (shown below).

Source : Google

Ad types explained by a human (not a robot):

  1. Search Ads – these are the top 3-4 ads shown when you do a Google Search. Great to get people’s attention that are “in market”, these are word campaigns. This spending time on your content is vital. Don’t tell them what you want them to know, tell them how you will fix their pain point.
  2. Display Ads – these are used throughout Googles network of partners websites, Gmail and a plethero of other locations. They allow visual displays and videos allowing you to catch the viewers eye with colour, movement and then your great offer.
  3. Video Ads – The likes of YouTube, you will notice more and more the big advertisers who used to be on Television are now running their ads on YouTube.
  4. Apps Ads -is for those with Apps they want to promote.
  5. Remarketing – although not shown above I think it important to explain what it is. It’s HIGHLY effective and I think its super sexy! In simplest terms, it’s a “Display Ad” that follows around anyone who clicked on your website. I’ve heard so many stories from women saying they had to buy those shoes because they kept seeing them and thought it was an omen…NOT an Omen, just remarketing at its best. If you’re sending the money to do any Google AdWords Advertising id highly recommend you have remarketing activated. The conversion rates are significantly higher as they are starting to know who you are, building trust and will likely take action. Remarketing is available on both the Google and Facebook Advertising Platforms.

Now Remarketing could make you P-Diddy, but, if not done properly it could see you paying the Google AdWords Idiot Tax (I swear I didn’t make this up, check out below).

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What is the Google AdWords Idiot Tax (it’s true, I swear)?

Google is constantly changing their platform, which is making it imperative that those getting involved in Google AdWords have the time or team to specialise in its implementation. A lot of businesses try to do it themselves and end up spending huge amounts of money on Google AdWords to which I hear “It didn’t work for me” or “it’s a rip off” as they failed to recognise this is a specialised advertising channel that requires a degree of skills and marketing finesse to get the most out of the platform. Google makes it super easy for you to sign up and create a campaign in minutes, so you do it, take the chance right? And while you’re learning to use their back end or in most cases forgetting its turned on, Google is making money from you by allowing you to manage it yourself, it’s the best marketing trick of all.

So, the Google AdWords Idiot Tax, yep it’s real and some businesses have even created calculators. It’s quite entertaining. If you have ever managed an AdWords account give the quiz a go. Get an idea of what you could have been taxed. Quiz thanks to


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For this looking for more details, here are the ad types explained by a Google:

Search Network

The search network campaign enables you to pay to have your advertisement at the top of the google search page. Some companies prefer to always have their advertisement at the top of the search page. In contrast, other companies may only utilise the search network service until they are able to organically get their company website in the top ranks of the google search results. This service enables you to only pay when your advertisement is clicked on and viewers are directed to your site or when viewers click to call your business. The choice of keywords are essential as they drive your potential market to your website. Hence, extensive research needs to go into determining the most relevant keywords to use in any campaign. The engagement of Pay Per Click (PPC) masters will ensure businesses get the most out of this service while paying minimum cost and most importantly, increase conversions and lower Cost Per Conversion (CPC).

Display Network

A display network campaign is quite versatile as it can involve numerous advertising formats, whether with text, pictures or videos. These can also be used in numerous applications and platforms. Having sufficient knowledge of the target market will help one determine the best format and platform for campaigns to integrate to attract the maximum conversion rates. This sort of campaign requires a lot of knowledge and skills in PPC and digital marketing, hence in most cases it is most advisable to acquire the services of marketing consultants to save time and resources that could be wasted by using the wrong formats and applications. Essentially, managing a Google AdWord campaign, one would also need to know how to efficiently use analytic reports to continuously improve their processes.


Remarketing is rapidly becoming the most used product of Google AdWords, as the most efficient marketing campaign integrates search network, display network and remarketing. Through remarketing, your company advertisements continuously show up to people once they have viewed your website. This is meant to run for a certain period or until the viewer engages in purchase of company’s product. Through this method, a business’s advertisements reach market through various mediums and apps they browse through. Dynamic remarketing takes this concept to whole new level where the advertisements it continuously shows viewers specific products that they have previously viewed.

Sources: Google AdWords