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Decoding GA4: A Digital Marketing Agency’s Guide to What It Means for You

Have you been questioning why your business has been receiving less traction lately? As a digital marketing agency, we can explain!

If you have noticed a drop in customers and sales, it might be linked to a significant change in the world of web analytics.

Universal Analytics (UA) properties have gradually stopped processing data, resulting in a halt in website tracking and crucial business reports.

Fortunately, Google has had something in the works, and it’s called Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Together, let’s delve into what GA4 means for you and your business!

Why the change to GA4?

In the world of business, we all have a responsibility to our clients and customers. It’s about listening to their needs, delivering on those expectations, and nurturing a lasting relationship. This same principle applies to data.

Users now demand more ownership, privacy, and transparency over their data, causing analytics properties to stop processing it entirely. Google’s response to this changing landscape is GA4. If you’re a business owner who cares about optimising your digital presence, GA4 and its data processing benefits should be on your radar.

Key Differences in GA4

GA4 introduces three essential user metrics: total users, new users, and active users. This richer data provides a deeper understanding of customer behaviour on your platforms by tracking their journeys with improved metrics.

Active user metrics reveal the number of distinct users engaging with your site, including those with engaged sessions, conversion events, or page views. These metrics are vital and a great way for a digital marketing agency to help your business analyse and optimise your user online experience.

Google has also made significant changes to conversions.

In GA4, the focus is on conversion events, making it challenging to compare conversion counts with the previous UA system.

Unlike UA, GA4 usually counts every instance of the conversion event during a session, which may require unique event naming. Bounce rate calculations have also been improved for better measurement of customer engagement with your site.

These changes reflect GA4’s shift toward a more event-driven tracking approach.

What GA4 Can Do

GA4 offers a range of benefits for businesses that embrace it:

  1. Event-Driven Tracking: GA4 focuses on event-based tracking rather than traditional pageview-centric tracking. This allows you to monitor a wide range of user interactions on websites and apps, offering better insights into user behaviour.
  2. Cross-Platform Tracking: It provides a comprehensive view of user interactions across different platforms, including apps and websites. This perspective helps you understand and target your customers more effectively.
  3. Predictive Metrics: GA4 utilises machine learning to provide valuable insights into potential outcomes. This enables proactive actions toward marketing strategies and engagement.
  4. Enhanced User Journey Analysis: Tracking and analysing user journeys has become more accessible with GA4, from their initial touchpoint to conversion. This insight allows for identifying friction points, spotting opportunities, and improving conversion rates.
  5. Improved User Identity Tracking: GA4 allows you to create unique identifiers for users, tracking them across various devices and sessions while still respecting privacy preferences.
  6. E-commerce Tracking: Easily analyse purchasing behaviours and the end-to-end shopping journey.
  7. Google BigQuery Integration: This enables advanced data analysis, comparisons, and access to future updates and improvements, positioning GA4 as the most current and targeted analytics platform.

Transitioning to GA4

While GA4 offers numerous advantages, transitioning from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4 may require some adjustments and learning.

Businesses should carefully plan their migration strategy, understanding the new platform’s capabilities and configuration requirements.

If you find the transition daunting or confusing, don’t worry. This is where BRANDiT, a full-service digital marketing agency, can help.

We specialise in aligning strategy with precision to help you achieve your overall growth goals. Our team of experts can navigate the complexities of GA4, ensuring a smooth transition and optimised digital presence.

GA4 is the next generation of analytics, and staying ahead of the curve is essential for efficiently running your digital platform. Embrace GA4 now to unlock its potential and drive your business forward.

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