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What Font To Use In Branding And Marketing Material

Picking brand fonts to use for your marketing material, can appear to be an easy enough decision. While some may think that fonts should only be clear and legible to audiences, there is much more to think about when choosing the ideal one for your communication efforts. They are a reflection of your brand’s identity, visually and tangibly. Although fonts should always be clear to read and understand, they should also make an impact. Fonts need to be transferable, to every platform and medium as well as be memorable enough to communicate your brand personality instantly.

Fonts need to resonate with the brand itself; reflect its personality to express itself appropriately. And there are two steps to choosing a suitable font, as explained below.

Understand Your Brand’s Personality

From the brand voice to the language and tone used, every aspect of your brand is a reflection of its personality. And likewise, fonts translate your brand’s personality in a tangible format too. Determining if your brand is formal, colloquial or quirky can help you identify the traits you want the font to portray. A simple exercise to do would be to define your brand’s personality with a few characteristics that help it stand out, such as energetic, modern or friendly.

Choosing Complementary Fonts To Match Your Personality

Typography can be a complicated area for those who do not know the subject. And even if you have your mind set on one font, it may not work well for your brand or across platforms. These important factors can influence your decision too, so while it may be important to use a font that reflects the brand personality it needs also to be versatile. We have identified the following fonts which every business should consider on development of their brand and for future marketing material. Even though this is a good basic list of fonts to choose from, it is not an extensive one, but these fonts do have universal appeal.

  • Serif – This type of font resonates with traditional brands. A common Serif font used is Times New Roman, which has classic detailing and gives off a perception of reliability.
  • Sans-Serif – This font appears as more contemporary, with clean lines and has a minimalistic appeal. A popular choice among modern brands is the Sans-Serif font Roboto to display these qualities.
  • Script – To highlight a more refined brand, Script font is suitable as it appropriately portrays the traits of elegance and class. Lucida Script is an example of a font that can be used for brands looking to express the timeless personality.
  • Slab Serif – The types of fonts under Slab Serif such as Courier New and Rockwell, highlight a bulkier look. They are well-suited for bold, one-of-a-kind and eccentric brands that need a font to match.

Picking fonts is not a lengthy process, but it is a detailed one, where companies need to think about more than just having visual language and signage readable. Brands can communicate their diverse personalities by using multiple fonts in a cohesive manner that reads well and is a true reflection of themselves. But ultimately, it is a decision that needs to be taken seriously, as it can help enhance the overall look of your brand to customers.

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