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These 3 Letters are Changing Online Sales. What is CRO?

Image your business if we could turn your website into your best performing salesperson, with no sick days, holiday pay, superannuation, or the mammoth cost of putting them in an office with everything they need? Well, it’s true, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process the big boys use to get their super sales results. Disclaimer: CRO isn’t just used on websites, it should be used across all Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Business operations, however for this article we will focus on its benefit through Digital Marketing opportunities.

So, what is CRO? It’s the process of focused and dedicated website improvement with the sole purpose of improving the conversion rates of website visitors to “do what you want” i.e.: purchase, download, subscribe etc. This process is especially important if you’re driving Marketing Campaigns to your website from Facebook or Google AdWords, every click is costing you, and you need to convert every opportunity.

As Digital Marketing is dominating the landscape and thriving against the traditional media forms of television and newspaper marketing, achieving CRO is more crucial than ever for companies that want to succeed whether locally, domestically or globally. The below chart from the CMO Council (via their partners) shows an intriguing view of the Global Ad spend in recent years. Spend is increasing and your customers expect to deal with you from Mobile applications. You need to be prepared and making sure they like you.

Source: CMO Council

Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to you site that engage the way you want. E.g.: if the total views for your website in a month was 800 and you received 200 orders, the conversion rate would be 25%. The higher the conversion rate, the more successful the marketing campaigns are and the more profit YOUR making.

Wondering how you can improve your websites CRO? Here are some tips:

  • Would you pick you? Have a look at your top 5 competitor’s websites and compare them with your site. Who would you pick, look at the elements of their sites that draw your eye and sparked your interest. Make sure you take screenshots or notes while you do this, so you don’t forget.
  • The number varies, but many believe with the increase in online marketing you now only get 3 seconds (down from 7-8 seconds) at most for visitors to decide if their interested. Within this short span of time you have to make sure customers understands clearly who you are, how to contact you, what you do and how to go to the next step.
  • Keep your website design simple and easy to read and browse Avoid too many colour and pictures that may be too overwhelming for the viewer to digest. Also ensure its not all text, your eyes say “way to much work”. Focus on your ‘wow lines’ which tells viewers why you are different and what makes you special.
  • Be a storyteller – Allow for clear and smooth navigation that helps narrow down your conversion funnel. Plan the conversion process and determine which steps the viewers would take and create a clear pathway towards the conversion stage.
  • Build trust with viewers by posting affiliations, credentials, positive reviews that entice them to trust your products.
  • Make sure your site is compatible on mobile phones as most businesses make the mistake of only focussing on the desktop compatible settings and miss out on possible conversions from mobile viewers.

Not sure of where to start or where to look? Get in touch with our team and we will walk you through the whole process and ensure you will be on your way towards increasing your conversions and sales. BRANDiT is a Full-Service Marketing and Advertising Agency meaning we do it all. Servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne we are the right starting point, call us on 1300 70 60 20