No Engagement on Your Social Media Posts? I Know 3 Reasons Why!

The facts are in, there is a massive disconnect between what a company puts on Social Media and what their customers want? The sad part is, what they want is quite easy to achieve. Research confirms the 3 top reasons people follow your business is for:
BRANDiT, Social Media, Customer Engagement, customer retention

I say it time and time again, know your customers and create a “Customer Engagement” process that is educated and meets their needs and not yours. The below statistics from Statistic Brain paint and interesting picture between business needs and customer expectations.

Don’t let your business needs leave your customers feeling unloved. If 68% of customers leave because “they think you don’t care about them”, then why don’t we put more effort into caring.

3 Reasons to change for SM Posts_blog

If you have no idea where to start or how to develop a Customer Engagement or Social Media plan let BRANDiT guide you through the process and create a Customer Engagement Process that will help you drive revenue growth.

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