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The purpose of Marketing has always been to ROCK, to set you apart as a product or service, to identify you as a unique and highly desired by customers. All too often most marketing strategies fall short of ROCKiN and blend into the overwhelming “white noise” that is the world of advertising overabundance. A ROCKiN Marketing strategy should define how you communicate, connect and engage with your target market and demonstrate the value of your products and services. With the development of digital, the channels to market and mix might have changed but one thing remains the same – without clear planning, strategy and implementation, a marketing communications plan will be unsuccessful. BRANDiT works with businesses to not only develop meaningful strategy but we work with them to understand their customers and how their staff, management, internal systems and processes impact their ability to achieve their defined strategy.

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The word Marketing encompasses so many different terms these days it can make your head spin. Don't worry it's our job to know everything about them and guide you to a place that grows your sales and cements you as an industry leader. Where here to help you turn your staff into a Marketing asset, strengthen  your brand and select the best channels to market (no matter whether Traditional or Digital Marketing eg: e-commerce, websites, PPC (Facebook & Google AdWords), search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, brand books / style-guides, brochures, flyer, content creation, blogs, brand element creation, customer experience, touchpoint analysis, brand auditing, graphic design, logo creation, microsoft templates, photography, promotional items sourcing, signage, video production, radio or public relations). You name it, we do it!

The Marketing EcoSystem

Marketing EcoSystem - Marketing, Digital Marketing, Communications

Why outsource your marketing?

Well that’s simple, we are passionate about marketing and that passion is applied to each and every project we work on. Here are a few facts to win you over.

No hidden costs

Right up front, we define how it will work best for you. This isn’t about BRANDIT, it’s 100% about you and your business needs. If at any time you need to cut back, slow down or put a project on hold, you just say the word. No risk, just a lot to gain!

Flexible engagement options

Business like life, is far from a one size fits all scenario. We work with our clients to define the best option for their business, whether it’s an hourly rate or fixed price project, we are happy to assist.

BRANDiT is going to save you SERIOUS $$$$

Let’s be honest, if your marketing budget can afford a junior marketer you’re going to get what you pay for. Paying anyone under $100,000 to manage and drive your branding and marketing services is simply a waste of money. Imagine how much work can be achieved in a day for a Senior Marketing Manager vs a Marketing Junior for a week. Its all about value for money, but lets not throw away the juniors, they often just need a Manager, a Mentor so you can engage a BRANDiT consultant to mentor  them to get them at the level you need them to perform. For medium and large businesses, many clients think of us as FIXERS, we identify your needs, create a plan, implement (educate or find the right staff, teach them to to manage your marketing needs and then play a mentoring role). Its this type of flexible programs that allow us to help you get the most out of your Marketing activities, year in year out. We work hard to keep costs down, get you great value for your budget and grow your sales pipeline.

NOT all marketers are created EQUAL

Every BRANDiT project is managed by Marketing Consultant, Michelle Fragar. This means over 19 years of dedicated marketing, branding and communications experience that will be applied to your project. You can find Michelle on the Our Team page or you can find Michelle’s credentials on LinkedIn?