Choosing The Correct Colour For Your Industry And Product!

Choosing the correct colour

Colour Psychology, the newest addition to every marketer’s arsenal, breaks down how and why different colours evoke differing psychological responses from people. Purple is associated with royalty, blue stimulates calmness and communication, white symbolizes purity, and orange promotes energy. These marketers have leveraged this field to understand how and why these colours influence consumer behaviours […]

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Overview of GDPR and Why CRM Makes Life Easier


Companies use CRM software as a communication and relationship nurturing tool with their existing and prospective clients. This is wonderful for tracking clients, managing outstanding jobs and payment history; however, it also involves storing a lot of their personal information for your company’s use – therefore you must comply with GDPR regulations. GDPR stands for […]

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A CRM – What is it and why do you need it?

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A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is a great tool for creating a relationship between yourself and your clients that is mutually beneficial for both parties. A CRM manages the entire working relationship that a client has with your company under one dashboard which shows a comprehensive history of work, status of orders, work outstanding, service […]

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Why CRMs are Great for Marketing Automation and Managing Electronic Direct Mails

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Marketing automation and electronic documentation systems can be linked to a CRM, providing easy access and a more streamlined process where everything is in one place. CRMs vs Marketing Automations Customer relationship management and marketing automation may seem identical at face value; however, they serve different purposes. The difference between a CRM and marketing automation […]

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