Top 5 Tips – Get a Winning Website

Are you having trouble with getting your digital marketing strategy and campaign off the ground? Wondering how to improve your ROI (Return on Investment)? Many of our new clients come to us wondering how they spent exorbitant amounts of hard-earned cash on Social Media Content, Google AdWords and Blogging material that directs users to their website, but they aren’t converting or has a costly CPC (Cost Per Click). And the sad answer is often, Marketing is un-regulated, and not all Marketers are Created Equal. You see, Designers know how to design, developers know how to set up your websites back end, your SEO company knows how to get you to rank, your AdWords company can get you leads, but none of them are thinking about the whole marketing picture.  This is why BRANDiT is a Full-Service Marketing and Advertising Agency meaning we do it all, so you get the best Marketing outcomes possible.

But never fear, we don’t want you to suffer, here are our top tips to create a higher converting website:

1. Know your key Google Analytics numbers – when your website was originally created the developer should have set you up with a Google Analytics account, they are FREE and they allow you to check the success of your site, specific pages and conversion rates (if set up to do that). I like to use the “BOUNCE RATE” and “AVG SESSION DURATION” statistics as benchmarking for success.

  • Bounce Rate – indicates how many people who arrive at your site, stay there and look around, it’s a way of measuring interactions and engagement. Your goal is to continually improve your page content, so the bounce rate goes DOWN.
  • AVG SESSION TIME – this one is easy to understand, so keep an eye on it. You want to engage visitors to  stay, look around, watch a video. Google loves you more the longer people hangout on your page, this is why video content has been so popular, it keeps people on your site, google likes it and then ranks you higher. And we love higher Google rankings.

You can use the below table to benchmark your site against the rest of your industry:

Brisbane Marketing
Brand Positioning


2. Design Aesthetic (making it look pretty) – many a website has been created and then forgotten about, or sometimes it’s important to let go of your branding to a professional as there is a science around conversions rate and optimisation. Key elements to consider:

  • White Space – the brain LOVES white space, it gives it the ability to clearly identify key areas and then within seconds, decided if it wants to read on or click back (bounce) to the Google Search. So don’t over clutter a page, make sure there is ample space around your logo (now if you have a logo on a coloured background don’t worry, it’s the space the eye is looking for, not necessarily the White colour).
  • Say Less – Don’t say everything, add a few teasers, remind them you have a solution to their pain points. Create pages for specific services, this adds the right keywords to your website. Blog a lot, it will help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and allow you to add keywords without cluttering the look of your site.
  • Graphics – the creation of a series of Brand Elements used on your site and all marketing material is worth its weight in gold. It not only allows you to demonstrate who you are as a business but creates visual eye catchers that can hold a visitor’s eye on your page just long enough to engage them. I often find myself on pages and my reaction is “OMG UGLY” and before I even tell my brain to leave, its already told my finger to click the back button.
  • Headlines and Sub-Headlines – include clear and descriptive headline that tell visitors what you do and also makes them feel that they need your products. It helps your eyes find the words their looking for and also provides an opportunity for you to add great keywords to your website which helps with organic SEO

3. The Law of KISS – we have all heard about it but in an effort to tell the market everything we do and why they need us, we forget my favourite rule of marketing, KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Sometimes too much information and clutter becomes overwhelming for your visitors and may put them off browsing the rest of your website. The aim is to give them just enough information and visuals to keep them interested and also wanting to know more.

4. Become a Storyteller – Don’t ever forget, Marketing is all about storytelling, it’s our job to take them on a journey from “Looking through to Purchased”. Make sure your page is structured with a strong visual hierarchy. The idea is to gradually build your visitors interest, so they continue to browse the site and without realising, are directed closer to the point of where they could purchase your product (or make contact depending on your business). Once the user has reached the point of purchasing, they believe and trust in the product and will make a purchase without hesitation. To achieve this there has to be a good mixture of information and visuals (videos, pictures). The relevance of each item and order that it is inserted will significantly affect the strength of the visual hierarchy. Grids are great for organising where to place items on a web page neatly. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is a new-ish area dedicated to understanding how people interact on your website, our developers then continue to tweak your site and gain more and more conversions. Its pretty cool!

5. SEO functionality – Let’s get some basics out of the road first:

  • What is SEO – it stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s a way that we clever marketers can get your website ranking higher on Google – goal being Page 1, No 1.
  • Why do it – because it’s a way of making sure that you’re always speaking in a way Google is listening. And if Google isn’t listening you’re not ranking.
  • Is it valuable – so many people have had bad experiences from international SEO suppliers there is a stigma around it. If done by a team that is professional (i.e.: BRANDiT) its an incredibly powerful ranking tool. Like everything in life you get what you pay for, so a $299, 5 keyword SEO package was never going to be effective..sorry!
  1. How long does it take – SEO is a long game, but if you do it right from the day you launch it will gain momentum, 1-2 years is realistic if you do it right. There is no point in having great content, let alone a great website design when it is not showing up in searches.  Many businesses decided to take over managing their site after its created, which is great, but they need to make sure they are trained on how to blog and write content in a way it will help their rankings. Otherwise it’s wasted time. You need credible sources (popular sites and organisations) for the content that you post and title tags and meta descriptions are also essential as the snippet shown by Google in the search results will be what attracts viewers to your website. So many businesses are missing title tags and meta descriptions, which is a missed opportunity for the business. This is why I recommend business either ask an expert how to do it properly or give it to us to update their website so you can benefit from every keyword added to your website.

6. Speed – try not to clog your page with too much graphics and data to limit the loading time or if a visually site is key to your strategy, make sure you get an AMAZING hosting plan with speed guarantees. The idea is to give your visitors an immediate experience, the slower your site the faster they turn away, and thus a higher bounce rate. Not sure of where to start or where to look? Get in touch with our team and we will walk you through the whole process and ensure you will be on your way towards increasing your conversions and sales. BRANDiT is a Full-Service Marketing and Advertising Agency meaning we do it all. Servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne we are the right starting point, call us on 1300 70 60 20 or use the below “Contact Us’ form.

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