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What kind of makeover would BRANDiT give the Gold Coast?

Giving the Gold Coast a branding agency makeover!

As marketers, we’re always looking for creative ways to use our skills.  So, what sort of makeover do you think the BRANDiT branding agency could give the Gold Coast?

When you think of the Gold Coast, the first things that spring to mind are sun-kissed beaches, tanned surfers and Schoolies parties at Surfers Paradise.  You may be right, but there’s also a whole lot about the Gold Coast that has changed in recent times.  And, that’s the tricky thing about brands, they need to be nurtured so they evolve with their ‘product’.  Otherwise they risk becoming tired and irrelevant. We know the Gold Coast is ready to be rocked with a brand refresh, so let’s get BRANDiT on the case!

Understanding the Product (the BRANDiT branding agency analysis)

Every good marketer (and branding agency!) knows that understanding the product is paramount in brand marketing.  Why?  Because having a deep knowledge of the product – in this case Queensland’s Gold Coast – allows marketers to create a compelling narrative that distinguishes the brand.  Knowing the product inside and out means we can highlight the unique features, benefits and values that will resonate with the product’s target audience.

Understanding the product means marketers can craft authentic and persuasive messages, which in turn foster trust and loyalty with an audience.

Our Gold Coast ‘Product’

Let’s look at the Gold Coast to see the current state of play and where branding opportunities lie.

The Gold Coast City

It’s no surprise post-COVID that the Gold Coast has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a dynamic and cosmopolitan city.

The skyline, once dominated by traditional architecture, now boasts modern skyscrapers, a visual reminder of the city’s progress and economic growth.

Infrastructure development has been a key driver of change, with improved public transport, upgraded roads, and the completion of major projects like the Commonwealth Games Village.

Gold Coast Industry

Tourism, a cornerstone of the Gold Coast’s economy, has seen a post-COVID shift in focus. Beyond its iconic beaches, the city has diversified its attractions embracing cultural events, festivals, and a burgeoning culinary scene. This shift has attracted a more diverse visitor demographic, contributing to the city’s reputation as a multi-dimensional destination for work and play.

The Medical and Tech sector has surged, with innovation hubs and startup businesses popping up across all industries. This growth has not only diversified the city’s economy but also positioned it as a centre of technological advancement, attracting talent and investment from far and wide.

The cultural landscape has also flourished, shown through the Gold Coast’s many art galleries, music festivals, and community events. We love that the Gold Coast is embracing its creative spirit and fostering a vibrant arts scene that adds depth to its identity beyond the sun and surf.

Ok BRANDiT, let’s go!

Armed with knowledge of our product and its dynamic blend of economic development, arts and culture and its changing tourism landscape, let’s give the Gold Coast a brand makeover!

Our Branding Agency Strategy

While known for its stunning beaches and vibrant lifestyle that we all adore, our BRANDiT team see the Gold Coast benefiting from a brand refresh that accentuates its diverse offerings beyond the conventional sun-and-surf image.

We’d put in place a strategic rebrand that shines a big spotlight on the city’s emerging tech sector, cultural richness, and sustainable initiatives.

Why?  Because positioning the Gold Coast as a burgeoning tech hub with innovative startups and investment opportunities would attract a new demographic and contribute to economic diversification. Emphasising sustainability initiatives, such as eco-friendly tourism practices and conservation efforts, also aligns with global trends and appeals to environmentally conscious travellers.

Brand Attributes

The Gold Coast’s cultural scene is another hidden gem that deserves prominence. A BRANDiT makeover would showcase the city’s thriving arts scene, music festivals, and diverse culinary experiences. This shift from botox babe with g-string  stereotype of our beach destination will require a multifaceted cultural hub, however if done correctly, it will broaden the Gold Coast’s appeal to a more diverse audience.

Our branding agency makeover would also incorporate a narrative of inclusivity and community engagement. By fostering a sense of belonging and highlighting local stories, the Gold Coast would strengthen its identity and resonate with both residents and visitors alike.

Brand Identity & Architecture

Super importantly, a comprehensive brand makeover for the Gold Coast should be rooted in authenticity, celebrating the many aspects of the city’s identity while embracing its values of innovation, sustainability, and community. While completely being built around a strong Brand Architecture that will serve the city for lovers of the past and the future.

So, what do you think?  Is the Gold Coast ready for a brand makeover?  Come on Gold Coast, give us a call!