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The Benefits of Public Relations

Running a successful Public Relations Campaign can be a game changer for your business. But firstly, you need to talk to a PR Agency to work out if the benefits of a public relations campaign are there for you.

When people ask what I do for work I say, “I work in PR now” and at least half of the responses I get are “What is PR?” known as Public Relations, it’s still often met with confusion.

So, what is PR and what are the benefits of Public Relations?

The business of giving the public information about a particular organisation or person in order to create a good impression.

In simpler terms; it’s getting a person or organisation exposure in the press. Whether they are appearing on TV, Radio, Digital or Print it’s all considered ‘Media Coverage’ and ideally, it’s all positive exposure. You pay a PR agency to pitch you to the press, if they are successful in their pitches the press coverage you receive will be free and worth thousands of dollars.

Any person or business can invest in PR, there is no harm in trying to garner exposure BUT others will be more successful in their quest. If you are considering investing in a PR campaign, ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Why would a TV Network give you $10,000 – $20,000 worth of free airtime to talk to you or to talk about your business?
  2. What is your story/hook and is it newsworthy or an Australian first?
  3. Who is your Spokesperson?

There is a lot of strategy and planning that goes towards a PR Campaign and it’s vital to find the right agency. Quantity of press isn’t always the sign of a successful campaign, it’s about the quality of the press that has been achieved. When I pitch for my clients, I always start at the top and aim for the best possible outcome, I then work my way down my dream hit list for them.

If a PR agency is going to fire off a press release to 1000 media outlets and hope for the best, you’ve just wasted your first $5000. There is a benefit of doing a mass mail out, but I highly recommend securing your dream outcomes first or at least attempting too.

Of all the major campaigns I have worked on recently, I have secured a TV spot before anything else. The reason I always lock in TV first is because this is where the most benefit lies. Having a client on TV gives them instant credibility for what they are selling or promoting as a lot of research is put into the segment by the show’s producer, they don’t just let ‘Anyone’ on TV. So, not only is a 5min interview on prime-time TV a huge achievement, it’s also worth $10,000 – $20,000 which means your PR campaign has just paid for itself from one TV interview.

It’s also likely that if the interview has been considered ‘Great Content’ they will write an article for their associated news website and share the interview on their digital and social platform, which has given you even more exposure. Finally, you can also share the interview on your digital and social media platforms which gives you even more credibility with your current and future customers.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? If you want to know if you or your business has what it takes to get the coveted TV spot, hit me up for a free initial consult. I take pride in creating successful campaigns, if I don’t think you have a strong enough story or product, I’ll be honest if what approach is best for you and your business.


MEL GREIG – PR and Marketing Manager BRANDiT

Mel Greig worked in the media industry in both radio and television for over 20-years. Mel has herself appeared on television as a media personality for Channel 9’s Celebrity Apprentice, but also as a TV Panellist offering expert opinion on Sunrise, Today Show and Studio 10.

Appearing in over 50 TV interviews across all major shows and networks, Mel understands what it takes to pitch to the Producers and to make the most of the 5mins of airtime if you’re lucky enough to secure the coveted spot.

Having worked in the media for so long, Mel has been on the receiving end of hundreds of pitches and press releases and knows what it takes to get a story over the line. There is no other PR department in Australia that is led by someone who has worked in her position, this gives her the unique ability to put the best foot forward for each client.