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Internal Marketing and The Role It Plays In Developing Your Staff’s Positive Perceptions

Whether a company is in the process of building a brand or rebranding to revitalise one, the chances of the business prioritising internal marketing is quite low. That’s because traditional marketing often dictates that “marketing” itself was only applicable to the target audience, to market itself rather than its own employees. And while this may have been a suitable orientation in previous years, it no longer applies to the ever-changing world of branding and marketing. Brands need to market themselves just as much to staff as it does to customers because it can impact the staff’s output and ensure the creation of their correct perception.

One reason some may shy away from internal marketing is that it can seem like an unnecessary cost or it could be that the company is uncertain about what it is and how it can benefit the company and brand. Or often they have an Advertising Agency and not a Marketing agency looking after their work. Simply put, internal marketing reinforces (to staff) the value and belief system of a company and brand; it’s mission and purpose as well as its market offering. This is done through consistent promotion, which in turn leads to consistent marketing material. Internal marketing can almost be seen as a way to sell the brand to your employees, as you would do with customers. I have worked in many global businesses and creating a culture with your staff is an integral element to their cohesion and success. It creates their own experiences with the brand, helps to maintain their commitment to the brand and motivates them to deliver the brand they believe in, to the public.

There are several benefits to prioritising internal marketing;

  • It creates a clear perception of the brand; it’s purpose and mission.
  • It encourages employees to buy into the brand, as it belongs to them and this results in higher engagement throughout the company.
  • Employees understand their role in delivering the brand to customers and feel responsible for its performance, thus increasing their own work efficiency.
  • It increases employee job satisfaction, as staff understand how their daily activities impact the brand and this leads to a feeling of fulfilment when their brand performs well in the market compared to competitors.

Although internal marketing seems like a tedious task and one that is unlikely to positively effect the bottom line of the business, it can prove a significant player in delivering the right message to the market. These benefits can increase the profitability and value of the brand, which are important corporate objectives.

But there may still be some business owners out there who are unsure of how to prioritise their internal marketing with employees. Here are some basic ways to improve your internal marketing with employees. If you require more information, please get in touch.

  • Improve education in the office about the company, the story behind the brand and where it hopes to be in the future. We find a Styleguie / Brand Book is a great tool for all staff to have. Also weekly or monthly “team chats” are great for moral and culture.
  • Encourage a positive workplace culture by asking employees for their opinion on a brand or marketing strategy. This will make them feel valued and appreciated. Create a online form or suggestion box so staff can have their say.
  • Provide new marketing material and product samples to your employees first. They will be motivated to see their hard work result in a tangible output and continue performing at their best.

Staff are the most cost-effective advertising channel you have.
Treat them as an asset not a cost centre.

Internal marketing can completely redefine a brand’s consistency and perception. Not only will employees feel engaged in marketing initiatives, but they can also ensure effective outflow of messaging that will help shape favourable perceptions in the market. To transform your brand and marketing strategies, speak to us at BRANDiT – the branding and rebranding experts.