• Branding strategies for all types of customers

Branding And Marketing Services Gold Coast & Brisbane

Every business should have access to branding and marketing guidance. Whether you need help with ‘how to start a business’, ‘how to create a consistent brand’ or ‘how to increase revenue’ – BRANDiT has the answer.

BRANDiT services for small to mid-size businesses

For small to medium size businesses, we pride ourselves in offering as little or as much help as needed.

BRANDiT works as project manager for many small businesses pulling together service providers from digital communications (websites, SEO, PPC, videos etc) or traditional communications (graphic designers, writers, building and vehicle signage, promotional items, etc.). The goal is to provide one strategy backed by one point of contact that will assist in achieving the brand strategy, marketing plan and most importantly reaching financial goals.

BRANDiT assists small business to understand and not fear marketing as a cost, but rather embrace it as a series of tools BRANDiT can set up for them to allow them to manage their own marketing within their budgets.

BRANDiT services for large corporate businesses

BRANDiT offers corporate clients strategic branding services from brand architecture to brand strategy, brand auditing, styleguide development and management. Having spent over 15 years running marketing departments for multinational companies, we understand that many large businesses are so busy reacting to daily tasks that the role of strategy, planning and auditing too often sits in the “when I get a minute” category. BRANDiT helps these companies by managing the process for them and providing clear audited information that they can use to drive their business or assist in making corrections.

BRANDiT is also able to assist with a smooth assimilation post acquisition. Our understanding of branding, marketing, business systems and the acquisition process allows us to provide assistance at any level.

Whether it’s an audit, branding consultation, strategy guidance or running the whole marketing department BRANDiT Rocks!