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Are you ready to ROCK your brand and marketing strategy?

BRANDiT is now ready to ROCK you!

As someone who has passionately worked in branding, marketing and communications for over 20+ years I dreamed of the day I would leave the corporate world to start my own branding and marketing business. With the launch of my BRANDiT website, that day has finally come to fruition and we think it ROCKS at BRANDiT. We like to think Marketing Strategies are the bibles of businesses, they give you the maps, the plans, the strategies on how to effectively market and grow your business.

The thing to know about me is that I love – love – love marketing … and all facets of marketing, I have a passion for branding that is second to none! If you read enough articles about branding, branding is highly technical and beyond comprehension, yet everyone is trying to develop a strong brand. At BRANDiT, our Brand Managers plan to break through the confusion and explain marketing and branding in simple terms so everyone can understand and passionately apply their knowledge.

At BRANDiT things are different — we want to ROCK with our Brand Development Strategies & Services in Brisbane & the Gold Coast. There will be no uninspired strategy and no planning without insightful market knowledge and competitor analysis and no disregard for business planning and system integration. Think of us as your marketing and business advisor who will ROCK your conventional thinking so that your business becomes remarkable as well as profitable.

Your branding is more than just a logo suite, more than a colour pallet and some fonts. It goes beyond the visual elements and dives into the essence of your business. It is the perception and reputation you cultivate in the minds of your audience. It encompasses your values, personality, and the emotional connection you create with your customers. Effective branding communicates your unique selling proposition, establishes credibility, and sets you apart from competitors. It is a comprehensive strategy that aligns every aspect of your business, from customer experience to marketing messaging, to create a consistent and memorable impression. Building a strong brand is essential for long-term success and creating a lasting impact in the marketplace.

Any advertising and creative agency can create brand elements and tell you that’s your brand, but a company dedicated to the creation of a brand needs a brand strategy that is understood and owned by management and more importantly your best brand ambassadors — your staff.

For those who are confused about what constitutes marketing, what is a brand and how is that different from what your advertising agency can provide, I encourage you all to ask me (I love this stuff, please ask) or follow BRANDiTs blog as I try and further educate you, so that everyone on every budget can ROCK … just like BRANDiT.

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Michelle Fragar