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Michelle Fragar

Head Honcho
Director, CMO & Marketing Consultant

Hellooo, I’m Michelle, I run this creative powerhouse with a group of exceptionally passionate marketers. I am bold, passionate, and dynamic, having held senior / CMO level executive roles most of my career. I am driven to create impactful marketing! I have spent over 22 years in dedicated marketing roles, that has helped me ascend to the role of Chair of the Australian Marketing Institute’s (AMI) QLD committee which gives me a voice for our industry and puts me at the front of industry movements and trends.

I hold Australia’s highest marketing accreditation, being a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and am a member of the global CMO council. In Oct 2020, I was honoured to be awarded the prestigious “CPM of the Year” positioning me as a leading marketing in Australia. I love that I can bring that skill and knowledge to the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. BRANDiT Rocks!

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Ben Fragar

Sales & Finance Wiz!
Sales & Operations Manager

Ben is a Sales and Finance wiz having held senior BDM roles as well as guiding people through their financial strategy. He manages BRANDiT’s operations with his unique skillset supporting the team and clients alike. You will also find Ben is cheeky and quite funny, well worth a phone call to get to now him.

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Demi Reardon

Michelle’s Mini Me
Marketing Assistant And Social Media Navigator

I’m Michelle’s Mini-Me, I’m intimately involved in all projects and work as Michelle’s right hand. I’m super organised and some say peppy, you’ll love me for sure! I have a passion for social media and love doubling and tripling social success.

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Ronja Capper

Queen Of Adding A Spicy Twist Of Comedy
Junior Marketing Assistant

Hi, I’m Ronja and I’m one of Michelle’s little minions. Not to sound like every other basic marketer trying to promote themselves, but I’m a driven little chicken that takes pride in all my work. I have a passion for the creative side of marketing and known for my one liner’s and adding a twist of humour into my work whenever I’m given the opportunity. I have a bubbly personality which surfaces after I’ve had a cup of coffee – or three. In saying this, I know how to implement a serious and professional tone when it’s necessary.

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Mel Greig

Media Guru
PR & Media Manager

Mel Greig worked in the media industry in both radio and television for over 20-years, appearing on television as a media personality for Channel 9’s Celebrity Apprentice, but also as a TV Panellist offering expert opinion on Sunrise, Today Show and Studio 10. In the past few years Mel has taken a step back from the spotlight and has transferred years of priceless experience into working as a PR and Media Manager. Having worked in the media for so long, Mel has been on the receiving end of hundreds of pitches and press releases and knows what it takes to get a story over the line. There is no other PR department in Australia that is led by someone who has worked in her position, this gives her the unique ability to put the best foot forward for each client.

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Allan Bicol

Website Dreamcatcher
Senior Full Stack Web Developer

I’m Allan, a full stack web developer, with almost a decade in development. I help you bring your dreams to life, you could even say a dreamcatcher. I love creating websites that generate income and push boundaries. If we can’t get you standing out, “no one can”. I’m incredibly passionate and want your website to be the best.

digital marketing gold coast
marketing agency brisbane

Aynsley Campbell

Branding Orical
Senior Graphic Designer & Brand Developer

Hey, I’m Aynsley! I have been doing graphic design for almost 2 decades, and I love bringing brands to life. Giving your brand personality, making your customers feel and making you proud of everything you do and create. I’m an expert in all things design and illustration!

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Joanne Brodie

PPC Legend
Google Expert

Joanne (or Jo), is an integral part of our Digital Team, executing BRANDiT's Google Paid Advertising campaigns for all of our ROCKiN clients! With years of experience, Jo's expertise helps our clients to improve their reach, growth and online revenue through developing and executing strategy-driven advertising campaigns.

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