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Brand Developer

Demi Reardon

Account Manager & Digital Master

Hey, I’m Demi! I started out as an intern with BRANDiT in the very beginning, and since then have worked my way up to being an Account Manager. Always with a coffee in my hand, I love working with my clients to bring their brand and business together, from website designs and content to Google Ads and SEO campaigns. With a few traditional communication projects in between! You should ask me what I know about trade shows and printed goods.

I love working with my clients on all projects, being the one they turn to when they need help or guidance, when they need something printed, or a change on their website made. But my love for marketing falls into the Digital World. My love of a challenge and curiosity about how things work and why they don’t drive me to learn more, so I can continue to help my clients grow!

When you don’t find me at my desk with a coffee and my headphones in, you’ll find me chasing comedy shows, finding new burger joints and reading! I’m also known as the one in the office to have a great stash of lollies!