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Managing Director and Marketing Guru, Michelle Fragar is a Senior Marketing Consultant with over 17 years’ experience within the marketing, communications and branding specialties. Michelle has extensive Senior Management experience having worked for a Fortune 100, followed by a dynamic ASX multinational as its Head of Global Marketing. While with the ASX company Michelle started a small business which she ran for 7 years, this business helped her develop a balanced view of all available marketing channels, budget challenges and how to apply strategic thinking to small, medium or corporate size business.

Michelle has a strong affinity to brand development and its management, she is highly experienced in company rebrands having managed local and global rebrand as a result of acquisitions or company consolidations. If you’re thinking about rebranding, or are about to engage in a Merger or Acquisition, her expertise in small, medium and corporate acquisitions and rebrands will guide you through this rabbit’s warren.

As a Marketing Consultant, Michelle applies strategic thinking, business acumen and an overall understanding of how marketing impacts ever part of a business. She is passionate about helping businesses understand the impact their existing “Customer Experience” is having on their revenue. Michelle is an advocate for creating customer experiences that provide a competitive edge and a major impact on driving revenue.

Mentoring is the cornerstone of any business or marketing plan. Need proof, 71% of Fortune 500 companies have some type of mentoring program. Michelle has extensive experience providing mentoring, she thrives on helping business owners and marketing teams increase their knowledge and achieving business goals.

Michelle thinks about every element of a business, she is looking for not only marketing opportunities, she is looking for process improvements, staff mentoring and other avenues the business can achieve brand consistency and beneficial improvement that will lead to an exemplary customer experience, EVERYTIME. Protecting your business and securing your future.

Take advantage of Michelle’s experience and watch your business soar, call her on 0477 779 170 to discuss how she can help your company achieve your growth and marketing goals or contact her here.

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FAQ answered by Michelle

How will someone who has worked in multinationals with big budgets know how to help a start-up or small business?
Well good question! I am entrepreneurial. In early 2007, I was curious to know if I could create a start-up business and succeed. The answer was YES (PHEW!). From 2007 – 2013 I started, grew and managed every element of the business until its successful sale in 2013. This business was operated on weekends and evenings. During the day, I was head of global marketing for a multinational. It was this small business that opened her eyes to how hard it is for small businesses to develop a brand and engage in marketing activities that will generate desperately required revenue. It was at this point my desire to help small businesses grow really started to burn a fire in my belly. Over the past 5 years, Michelle has helped many entrepreneurs to start their own business or provide simple advice to assist them to grow their business.

What my small business taught me
Small business is HARD, really hard. Money is so precious and everyone wants the small amount that you have left over at the end of the month. So deciding to engage with any service provider is over thought and scary. If it doesn’t work, how will you pay your bills next month. It’s a risk and I completely understand how you feel. However, I do know that investing in branding and marketing practices from the beginning is a sound investment.

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