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At BRANDiT we have taken everything we know about Marketing, Branding and Communications and turned it into a simple “3 Steps to Success” program. We specialise in helping you implement the 3 steps: Audit, Engage and Mentor, and show you how to create a strong foundation for growth and a plan for the future. Using our awesome Marketing skills we show you how to create a consistent brand, find local area marketing opportunities and grow your business organically before we look at expensive Advertising options. Experience growth through good Marketing, not expensive Advertising.

Brand Audit

A brand audit exposes BRANDiT to everything your business does, says, sends and delivers. It’s a top to toe review of the business and shows where you are succeeding in marketing and brand development and where there are opportunities. Many times the outcome of a Brand Audit is a list of actions that your existing team can work through to create a consistent brand experience.

BRANDiT’s Senior Marketing Consultant has been auditing company Style guides / Brand Books and brands for over 10 years and strongly believes this is one of the simplest, most effective and insightful activities a company can undertake. Audits can be done as a desk study through to a comprehensive review of all styleguide elements and brand perceptions. No matter the company size or marketing budget, an audit can be an effective tool that all companies should embrace as a yearly task.


We ask the question “how does your business implement a customer experience process that creates STICKY CUSTOMERS” (ones that don’t leave) all by reviewing the existing customer data, processes, staff, business plan and identifying any marketing opportunities that can assist growth.


A key component in creating a strong brand with sticky customers is through positive and consistent client interactions. This means staff engagement and brand training have a significant impact on your bottom line.

BRANDiT can mentor any staff within your business, our most common groups are Sales, Marketing and Management teams for different reasons:

Sales – we work one-on-one with the sales team to audit their customer engagement process and see where there are opportunities to improve, create consistency and engage your staff to provide exceptional customer service.

Marketing – many SME’s don’t have a marketing resource, if they do, they are a junior resource based on financial restrictions. BRANDiT work with the Admin or Marketing resource to train and/or mentor them in areas of benefit to the business.

We offer one off chats through to weekly mentoring sessions based on the needs of the business. We help your staff stay on track, on budget and on plan.

Management – we work with the Owner / Management team to understand their clients, their needs and opportunities for growth. We provide planning, auditing and one on one strategies based on your business plans. We are here to assist Management identifying opportunities, put plans into effect or just having someone to bounce idea off.

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Michelle Fragar is the Senior Marketing Consultant for BRANDiT, she have been working in the Marketing & Communication speciality since before Branding and Digital Marketing existed and is proud to call herself a Marketing Nerd.  To find out more, visit the OUR TEAM page. Michelle has worked in some wonderful companies, a Fortune 100, a multinational as they experienced extensive growth all the way down to owning my own small business.

“I’m here to help, whether it’s a phone call to pick my brain, a full brand strategy or managing you entire marketing needs. Call me on 0477 779 170 and let’s see how I can help your business grow.”

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