Marketing VS Digital ChannelsIn October last year (2015), PepsiCo’s Brad Jakeman, who is president of the company’s global beverage group made a statement that sparked heated debate in marketing circles globally. His statement “there is no such thing as digital marketing. There is marketing — most of which happens to be digital” blew up social media and marketing websites alike.

I’ll admit it, I wanted to run to the US and high five Jackman when I heard his comment. It’s a long held belief of mine that he is right. Digital is not a new wiz bang speciality, it’s a communications channel available to good Marketers when they review your business’ marketing mix. Think of everything “Digital” as Radio, TV or Print.

This whole Marketing vs Digital debate is leading to a public misconception and dilutes the skillset of Marketing Professionals. Think of it this way, Marketing is like your Lawyer or Accountant. They have a specialist skillset that they apply to your business. They, in achieving your goals outsource services to better suited or more cost effective suppliers. For example, an Accountant might use a Bookkeeper or a Data Entry firm, however they are responsible for achieving your business needs. It’s the same here, you should always use a qualified and experienced Marketing Professional to manage your brand and marketing plan.

Now a Marketer’s job is to pick the most appropriate communications channels for the company or product as part of the marketing mix. Now it’s called a mix because it’s our job to understand what will work for different business types, is it TV, Radio, Print, Websites (including SEO), Social Media, Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords), Events, Sponsorship, or Networking and on and on and on.

Marketing Communication Channels_Not just Digital Marketing

The ‘Digital Revolution” has allowed many “Communications” suppliers to promote themselves as the perfect solution to your “Marketing” needs. The outcome I fear is a world where single channel suppliers (website, email marketing, social media advertising, graphic designers etc) will be creating the businesses of the future without any Marketing skills. I hear all the time about business who engaged a “Marketing” company and only got a logo or website and then had no idea what to do with it. Only yesterday I heard a story of a “rebrand” where the owner got a new logo and name and then supplier walked away. The outcome was a 75% reduction in leads because this supplier promoted themselves as a Marketing Professional, and as the results showed, wasn’t.

The problem I see with the Marketing industry today is that digital communications suppliers have been able to prove their worth through analytics that above the line advertising has struggled to do. It doesn’t make them less effective it just means digital analytics is easier to track.

Now more than ever in this exciting environment of new digital communications we have to refocus and educate businesses that they need a qualified Marketing Professional to manage and guide their business and brand to success. You wouldn’t let a Bookkeeper do you Tax would you? It’s the same here, don’t leave your Marketing Strategy and Brand Development to single channel communications company. Find a great Marketing Professional to manage all the suppliers you need to achieve your Business Growth and Marketing Plan.

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