Why we’re the one:

Make You


That’s why we are driven to make you feel, react and engage!

And most importantly PURCHASE.

BRANDiT is owned by 20+ year veteran of the Marketing Industry, Michelle Fragar, who applies global marketing and strategy experience across every brand she touches. Rest assures you’re in safe and knowledgeable hands, Michelle is used to leadership positions having held CMO roles and is now the current Chair of QLD Committee for the Australian Marketing Institute. In this senior thought leadership position in the Marketing Industry she connects and collaborates with partners to engineer powerful connected experiences for her customer.


Step 1



The No 1 reason businesses fail to grow is they fail to plan and think. In a world of “instant expectations” the easy win is slowing you down. We combine our Strategic Brains with a truck full of passion to help you do some world class Thinking! We help you do that, really, really well.

Step 2



Once you know who you “want to be when you grow up” we help you define systems, platforms and creative to match. A process of creating a Customer Experience that is unrivalled and unparalleled is in our DNA.

Step 3



Coming full circle we then implement your brand across any and all channels for you. Working with you and your team to enhance and grow sales we become your outsourced Marketing Department.


Meet Some of our Team

BRANDiT uses a unique and disruptive model of inhouse, partners and freelancers who work as a team to bring you a full-service Branding, Marketing and Advertising Agency.
Our BRANDiT team are fuelled by passion for our profession. We live by the idea that:

help your business soar this year!

Small business marketing grants

With some great education, strategies and advice with up to 85% spend subsidies from the Government.



Turmeric Life

Outsourced Marketing • Branding • Website • Marketing Strategy • Social Media • Product Packaging


Outsourced Marketing • Website • Marketing Strategy • Social Media • Video • PPC


Marketing Strategy • Web Development/Apps • Digital Marketing • Video

TOGS Swimwear

Outsourced Marketing • Website • EDM’s • Socials • PPC


Rebranding • Marketing Strategy • Website • Project Management • Video

Blackbox finance

Brand Creation • Marketing Strategy • Outsourced Marketing • SEO & Blogging

Unicorn Nation

Brand Creation • Website • Marketing Strategy • Lead Generation / PPC

High Profile Architectural Mouldings

Brand Creation • Marketing Strategy • Website • SEO & Blogging
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