• Brand Creation
  • Marketing Strategy / Think Tank
  • Communications Strategy
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Account Management
  • Outsourced Marketing Department
  • Public Relation
  • Video Creation
  • SEO and Blogging
  • Graphics Design
  • Website Development

Who Is Screencoach?

ScreenCoach was created by three Aussie parents who all had the same problem and wanted to find a solution. A common problem amongst families is trying to manage kids screen and game time. ScreenCoach has created a platform and technology designed to empower your kids to make positive choices, the idea is to stop the parental nagging. The Government agreed with their idea and issued ScreenCoach with 1 million dollars in funding to help get this platform in houses around Australia, they’ve further pledged to buy 100 subscriptions to ensure less privileged families have access to this must have family tool. It’s vital that screen coaching happens from a young age and when ScreenCoach is launched in early 2022 it’s going to help bring back family harmony into the home.


The Brief

In order to get the brand creation right for this project it was important to do a think tank strategy session. ScreenCoach came to use with a logo and style guide, a lot of businesses do that as their first step but creating a brand is so much bigger than just a logo and a lot of strategy goes into it. We strategized, created the superhero characters, and brought the vision for ScreenCoach to life.

The Project

ScreenCoach came to BRANDiT wanting to bring their idea to life. It’s exciting to be able to work with a start-up company right from the start, this allows the branding and marketing strategy to be implemented from day one. For ScreenCoach it’s a full-service project and we work with them on their marketing, branding, digital and public relations.

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Website Refresh

Here at BRANDiT, we don’t like to play favourites but we thoroughly enjoyed working on Dairy-Free Down Under’s website refresh. Our graphic designer and web developers teamed up to design a fresh new look for their entire website. Not only did we enhance their websites visual appeal but we also enhanced its user-friendliness by adding in functions such as

Content Curation

Once Dairy-Free Down Unders new website was launched, our brilliant marketing team focused their efforts on creating new and exciting content to engage consumers. This involved creating delicious vegan recipes using Dairy-Free Down Under's products, shooting and editing photo and video content as well as running their social media accounts.

Dairy Free Down Under
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