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Operations Manager

Sarah-Jayne Kelly

Operations Manager

Hey there, I’m Sarah the office angel and Michelle’s ‘Get Things Done’ right-hand girl.  


I’ve enjoyed working in the corporate admin world since finishing high school 30+ years ago, taking a few years out to have kids and study Photo-Imaging before returning to what I know and love most, organising people & projects whilst injecting sunshine and smiles into everyone’s day.


Although my main role is to oversee the operations of the business, streamline systems & processes, my secret role is actually to gift our Boss Babe Michelle a healthy work- life balance and to free her up to create to her maximum potential, and of course to ensure our team & clients are all happy little vegemite’s.


When I’m not in the office you’ll find me chasing sunrises, hiking in nature, making epic plant-based food, promoting the present moment through mindset mechanics and heart-based concepts as well as studying metaphysics, astrology, numerology and gematria.